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Advantages & Qualities

Advantages & Qualities

Doors/Windows are no longer an object to fill the openings in the Building envelope. Today's Doors/windows are expected to perform various functions such as letting in light, keeping out heat/cold, noise attenuation, as well as being aesthetically attractive, needing lower maintenance and using energy saving/efficient materials/processes in place of scarce/energy efficient conventional materials. uPVC Windows/Door profiles are made from Poly Vinyl chloride resin, one of the most extensively used thermoplastics finding end uses in diverse sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare etc. uPVC Windows/Doors are extensively used abroad, and are currently at a nascent stage in India. The major advantage of energy saving i.e. reduction in air conditioning bills upto 20-30% as well as saving of wood (in turn-forests) and energy intensive materials like Aluminium.

uPVC windows offer you several advantages whether you are installing them for the first time in your new home or replacing an already existing one. uPVC windows will give added advantages when compared to the other window materials available in the market.

Another advantage of uPVC Doors/windows is that they are warp-resistant also. Special additives have been used the making of uPVC Doors/windows that helps them withstand the ravages of time for long. SUNWIN uPVC Doors/windows have other special features like elevated acoustic performance, and high thermal containing capacity.

Highlights of SUNWIN uPVC Windows/Doors:

  • Long Life
  • Maintenance Free
  • Acoustics  Insulator
  • Thermal Insulator
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Resists Combustion
  • Design Freedom
  • Anti-termite
  • Burglar Proof
  • Energy Saving
  • Superb aesthetics, Flawless finish
  • Made for India