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Isolation Swab Collection Cabin for Covid - 19

Sunwin is proud to announce the launch of its Isolation cabin for swab testing and collection to ensure the safety of hospital and medical staff. It is based on the successful South-Korean concept of isolation cabin. Sunwin has designed the first of its kind Covid-19 swab Testing cabin made of high grade uPVC profile.

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Product Specifications

USP of Sunwin Swab Testing Cabin

  • Reduces the frequent change of PPE Kit. Only the gloves have to be replaced.
  • Cabin is made from high grade uPVC profile which is a good insulator of heat. a steal, cabin, on the other hand, will get hot and warm up.
  • Value of Money: After the pandemic is over, the cabin can be used for multiple purposes such as security cabin, information desk, storage unit, site office etc.
  • Reduces the risk of patient and staff direct contact.
  • Additional features such as Humidifier and UV light available to keep the cabin virus - free.
  • Aesthetic pleasing - white color with customizable vinyl.
  • Dimension : 3ft (L) X 4ft (W) X 7ft (H)