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Why uPVC?

Why uPVC?

SUNWIN uPVC window and door for your better life, security, and health, we have intentionally selected the best material for the fabrication of uPVC window and door profiles, Germany system, have many outstanding qualifications such as fire insulation, non-heat conduction, external noise reduction, no disturbance from termites and ants, high durability, steel reinforcement for security, easy maintenance to name a few and lots more...

Modern Technology

Almost all existing window types can be produced and manufactured by our company, thus maintaining the style and character of the original design. Of course, modern technology means that todays uPVC products incorporate the very best materials currently available on the market.


uPVC windows are available in various models like rotate and turn, vertical sliding sash, etc.
The best thing about uPVC material is that it is eco-friendly and is recyclable.

High Resistant Proof

uPVC windows are made high resistant proof material; it is resistant to rusting, corroding and rotting all those things that normally happen with wooden products. Usually, uPVC material is considered to be self-extinguishing. Ordinary things will not cause any damage to the uPVC material. Only, intense fire can burn the material.

Highly Sought

In home improvement projects, uPVC windows and doors are the highly sought after ones. uPVC windows are made up of materials that prove excellent due to their longevity and sturdiness. Cleaning of uPVC windows and door sets extremely easy. You can use a mild detergent to wash the uPVC windows clean. Just wash them down with soap water and let them dry, your uPVC windows will shine like never before. Hinges and handles that are used in fixing windows need frequent lubrication.

Various Sizes and Colors

uPVC windows can be installed the way they were bought. You need not paint them again or apply some stain to them; unlike timer which needs so much of varnishing and al for a proper look. Specialty of uPVC windows is that they are available in various sizes and colors as well. Materials used in making a uPVC window usually undergo serious tests in the lab to determine the with standing ability of them so that the uPVC windows will not be destroyed easily.

Affordable and Economical

For improving these qualities further, you can use gas filled double glazed units along with the uPVC windows. People using uPVC windows find them affordable and economic when compared to the windows made of other materials. Buying uPVC windows is a one time investment because you need not paint or stain them again. There no other hidden expenses in the maintenance of uPVC windows unlike timber.