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Disinfection Sanitisation Tunnel

To prevent the community spread of the novel coronavirus, Sunwin has developed an innovative yet effective solution. Our Sanitization tunnel can spray upto 300 people an hour. The disinfectant chemical is chlorine free and clinically tested.

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Product Specifications

USP of Sunwin Disinfectant Tunnel

  • Tunnel is made from high grade uPVC profile which is good insulator of heat. Asteal, cabin, on the other hand, will get hot and warm up.
  • Motion Sensor: Spraying only starts when the person enters the tunnel to avoid wastage.
  • Value for Money: Afer the pandemic is over, the tunnel can be fitted with doors/windows on either sides and be used for multiple purposes such as security cabin, storage unit, movable shed, site office etc.
  • Additional features such as automated sanitizer dispenser, water refill indicator and thermal scanning available.
  • A swiss formulated eco-friendly chlorine free disinfectant recommended
  • Aesthetic pleasing - white color with customizable vinyl

Specifications of Disinfectant tunnel

  • Capacity: 300 people per hour
  • Sanitization time per person: 10 seconds per person
  • Material used: High grade uPVC multi cavity panels
  • Tank Capacity: As per requirement
  • Spray Nozzles: 3 Nozzles
  • Size: 6 ft (L) x 4 ft (W) x 7.5 ft (H)
No. Chlorine Free Disinfectant Chlorine base Disinfectant
1 Eco Friendly: It is totally bio degradable since(H2O2) breaks down into water adn oxygen. It is harmful to the environment.
2 Non Toxic: No irritation to skin or eyes. It may cause nasal irritation, sore throat, coughing or skin redness.
3 It has no effect on ph levels. It is ph dependent and very ineffective above ph7.
4 It is non carcinogenic and non mutagenic. It does produce unwanted by-product including carcinogen.
5 It is odorless. It leaves a strong chlorine odor.
6 It is non reactive. It reacts with many organic compounds.
7 It is non corrosive. It is corrosive and unpleasant to handle.
8 It is tasteless. It alters your taste buds.