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Slide and Fold Doors

Slide and Fold Doors

ccentuate Open Plan Living
The SUNWIN slide-fold door design can be an alternative to hinged and sliding patio doors, but can be used to accentuate open plan living. The beauty of a slide-fold door is that the multiple panels fold to create an opening that can be as large as the size of the door frame.

Slide-Fold Door Features
An elegant and stylish replacement door, the slide-fold instantly creates a modern essence in older homes. A popular choice for new construction as well, this door keeps rooms open and flexible to the outdoors or adjoining spaces. This versatile door design uses compression seal technology for superior sound, air and water performance.
- A fully fusion-welded frame and sash adds strength and durability.
- Integral interlock sash provides enhances structure.
- Door panels fold, creating an opening the size of the door frame and maximizing the opening width.

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Product Specifications

Doors made out of SUNWIN Prestige-Design S921 are ideal for the requirements of all projects. The 60mm system with 3 chambers offers reliable solutions for doors, which are economical and efficient.

Two sealings protect against dust, wind and rain. The smooth surface and the design of the profiles are ideal for fuss-free maintenance. A wide range of lamination and co-extruded surfaces fulfill the need for all kind of colours.

  • Pure silicone white cover gasket - Rehau
  • We are using hardware product of Roto
  • We are using glass product of TuffX or Saint-Gobain