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Tilt & Turn Window

Tilt & Turn Window

Tilt n Turn Window - The SUNWIN Window and Door Systems can be fitted with the Tilt & Turn hardware, which allows them in the Turn position to be opened completely or in the Tilt position to open only partially from top for ventilation. The Tilt position lets air in and out but prevents access for people from outside. A further option is the sliding windows and doors.

Tilt & Turn Window is a dual functioning Window. Tilt it to create an opening at the top for ventilation and turn it like a sideway casement window. All the windows are steel reinforced for added strength. Tilt & Turn windows are best suited at the place where the space economy is required. Tilt & Turn Window provides additional air and light and can be cleaned easily. Various designs are possible in Tilt & Turn Windows. It looks attractive no matter how you open it.

All functions are easily operated single handedly and in one move. The multi-point locking mechanism also keeps the frame from twisting or bending. Your windows and doors will therefore be kept straight and functional for many years to come. The Tilted position is a burglar proof partial opening to ventilate the building without any danger of any person being able to come in through the window or opening it from outside.

A normal open window often causes a draft due to the direct path of the outside wind into the room. With a tilted window, the outside air is channeled through the sides of the window, while hotter air escapes through the top. You can leave the windows tilted open even during the rains, (tilted approximately 150mm (6inches) inwards).

In the Turning position the window opens fully. In this position, the glass can be cleaned on both sides from the inside of the building without dangerous stretching or climbing. A quarter-turn of the handle opens the window fully, another quarter turn will tilt the window.